The Peninsula Skating Club wants to build a greater sense of community and one of the ways we are doing that is by launching a new pilot program: The Buddy Program. This program pairs a new/young skater (little buddy) with an older experienced skater (big buddy) with higher abilities to promote friendship, support social needs, and foster a greater sense of belonging. It welcomes new and younger members and reaffirms their decision to join the Peninsula Skating Club while giving them the support in knowing that they have someone they can confidently turn to for support. This program will hopefully create friendships that enable both older and younger skaters to bond more closely with their club. The older skaters learn responsibility, leadership and communication skills, and benefit from all those wonderful feelings from helping others and being involved. Buddy systems can have numerous benefits such as promoting an inclusive environment for all, better acceptance of differences, encourage interaction with peers, and even personal growth.


If you are interested in becoming a little buddy, please fill out the entire questionnaire and email it to Price@peninsulaskatingclub.org.


If you are interested in becoming a big buddy, please fill out the top portion of the form: Name, age, email information, and skating schedule & location.


Email to Price@peninsulaskatingclub.org.