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National Qualifying Series

The traditional U.S. Figure Skating Qualifying Structure is in place for athletes who want to potentially compete at the United States Figure Skating Championships® in singles, pairs, and ice dance. Singles, pairs and ice dance athletes who are juvenile, intermediate or novice compete to earn a spot on the National High Performance Development Team. For detailed information, please refer to the NQS Announcement, available here.

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2023 NQS Snapshot: 


  • There are 20 competitions designated as National Qualifying Series (NQS) in singles, pairs, and ice dance, from juvenile to senior. These competitions will take place from late July to early October, the competition list can be found here.


  • Skaters must register both for the series and for competitions. Because the registration process spans two seasons, The USFS is allowing skaters to sign up for competitions before signing up for the series. After the new season starts on July 1, skaters will only be able to register for the series after they've paid their new season dues.


  • NEW: For the 2023-24 season, singles athletes are allowed to register for and compete at a maximum of three (3) approved NQS competitions during the designated registration phases. Starting May 15th at 12:00 p.m. ET, singles athletes may register for ONE (1) approved NQS competition via EMS. Pairs and ice dance teams do not have a registration maximum. The NQS Series Application will open on July 5th (updated from May 1st) to accommodate membership renewal and club changes. This is separate from phased registration and must be completed before the athlete/team's first NQS competition.


  • To help you get ready during the qualifying season, athletes are encouraged to participate in non-NQS competitions (i.e. nonqualifying), where they can explore new material, attempt new elements, and receive valuable feedback through critiques. To find competitive opportunities, please click here.

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