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Excel Program

The purpose of the Excel Series is to offer young athletes an exciting and competitive environment that motivates them to focus on strengthening their program components and advancing their technical skills each season. This program also serves as an opportunity for grassroots skaters and coaches to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of the International Judging System (IJS) through a phased approach which allows them to become proficient and confident with the IJS.

Excel is an opportunity for skaters who seek a different approach to performing from the highly competitive standard track. Available at nonqualifying competitions, including designated Excel Series competitions, Excel free skates consist of required elements different from the standard track to help boost skaters’ strengths and confidence.

To access more Excel information, follow the path below or once you’ve logged into Members Only, use the links below: 


Path: Members Only/Skating Opportunities/Excel: 


The registration deadline for the Excel Series is March 1, 2024 in EMS with competition in the Pacific area starting in February 2024. Sign into Members Only, scroll down and click on the EMS button. Go to the Series Information tab and select the 2024 National Excel Series option. You must register before signing up for approved Excel Series competitions also via EMS. You’ll also be able to track your standings. Peninsula hosts Spring Jubilee, an approved Excel competition, on May 11-12, 2024.

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