The purpose of the Excel Series is to offer young athletes an exciting and competitive environment that motivates them to focus on strengthening their program components and advancing their technical skills each season. Excel Series events will be held at select non-qualifying competitions; a list of participating competitions will be posted and updated as competitions are accepted into the Series, with a final list to be posted.


The primary mission of this program is to inspire more of our young athletes to continue training and remain committed to participating in figure skating by providing them with events that allow them to showcase their strengths. Additionally, this program serves as an opportunity for grassroots skaters and coaches to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of the International Judging System (IJS) through a phased approach that allows them to become proficient and confident with the IJS.


For more information, Link to USFS:


Excel Series Handbook


Excel events are offered at Spring Jubilee and for

more information, contact Ellen Izuka