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Tips for Your Competition Music

Guidelines for Competition Music from our Music Coordinators...


  1. Burn CD's at 4X speed- they will play better.

  2. Have only one track on each CD.

  3. Lead time should be no longer than one second. Lead time is the time from when the CD player is started to when the music begins.

  4. Print the skater's name, coach's name, event title, and runtime on the CD. Do not use stick-on labels. Music runtime is the actual music time from beginning to end- not the skating time.

  5. Also, include if needed, a notation if the music has a loud start then goes soft or a soft start that goes loud. This will guide the music coordinator as to the volume that should be used.

  6. Have a CD and a back-up CD that are only used for competition. The back-up CD should be in the coach's pocket rinkside at competition time.

  7. Always hand in CDs in a plastic case and make sure they have no scratches.


Following these guidelines will help ensure a successful music experience at competitions!

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