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National Showcase Series

Theatrical figure skating events have always been popular with the first official USFS National Showcase event taking place in 2004. National Showcase fuses artistic creativity with figure skating, providing a unique combination of artistry and athleticism. The competition is considered a festival of inspiration, and all skaters who qualify are encouraged to participate. Participants include singles skaters, duets, small ensembles of three to seven skaters and large production numbers of eight to 30.


Competitors qualify for the event by placing in the top four at any showcase/theatrical/interpretive event at sanctioned, non-qualifying competitions in the United States held from the close of entries at National Showcase in the previous year to the close of entries for the national event. Skaters also earn a spot to compete by placing in the top four at National Showcase the previous year.


Skaters compete in local open competitions and then skate against others throughout the county who competed in categories of light entertainment, dramatic entertainment, and extemporaneous improvisation to singles skaters. The location of the National Showcase rotates to a different location around the country every year to reduce the expense of participation.


PSC skaters can qualify for the national showcase at both Spring Jubilee and Silicon Valley Open.


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