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Testing Information, Options, and Guidelines



As per the USFS website: Figure skating in the U.S. can be either competitive or recreational, and those learning to skate can choose either route. While competitive skaters are required to participate in the U.S. testing structure to eventually compete in qualifying competitions, recreational skaters can also opt to take tests in order to continually challenge themselves and their abilities. 


There are several classes of tests in the U.S. Figure Skating structure: 

  1. Moves in the field (standard, adult and masters)

  2. Free skate (standard and adult)

  3. Pairs (standard and adult)

  4. Pattern Dance (partnered and solo; standard, adult and masters)

  5. Free dance (partnered and solo; standard, adult+21, and adult+50)



There are three ways to test: 


1. Apply for a traditional test session:

(Note: applications are due no later than 3 weeks prior to test date)
You may apply for a test session using the online registration system (preferred) or by mailing in your application.


MITF Test Application

Dance Test Application and IJS Protocol


2. Submit a video to be judged virtually:


Use the online registration system to apply for a virtual test. We accept non-member virtual tests with a $20 guest fee in addition to the member fee. Permission to test from the home club is required from all non-members.


Before making a video, it is important to review the requirements for virtual testing and guidelines for making the videoThe video link must be accompanied by an affidavit that meets the requirements of Technical Notification 261. Please note that the skater must have a current USFS membership and the coach must be listed as compliant with USFS. The proctor must be an independent third party from the skater and coach. See more information in Members Only under the Testing tab.


After registering in the online system, upload video, affidavit, (and release and permission forms for non-members). Contact test chair at if there are questions.

3. Receive IJS credit through a non-qualifying competition in lieu of testing: 

This option allows you to test and compete simultaneously. 

1. Fill out the appropriate Test Application Form mentioned above

2. Attach the TEST CREDIT PACKET (protocol, results sheet, and test credit skater report that is received by the skater from the chief accountant or competition registrar after the event is complete) along with coach approval and a $20 processing fee. The test packet is valid for 12 months.

3. Send to the test chair at the address listed on the form. Please allow 3 weeks for processing.


Or use the online registration system for IJS Protocol Submission. A coach’s approval statement must be provided.




  • Peninsula SC members (home club – first priority & associate- second priority) will be given priority on all in-person test sessions up to 3 weeks before the testing date. At the 3 week deadline, applications by non-home club member applications will be added to the schedule as time permits.

  • Non-home club members must provide permission from their club. 

  • Test applicants who are not Peninsula home club or associate members must include a $30 guest fee per application. 

  • All MIF tests will be scheduled after all dance tests at dance test sessions. No FS tests will be permitted on a dance test session. 

  • Any cancellations or special requests must be made 14 days prior to the test date. Any cancellations for any reason received after this time will result in the skater forfeiting their test fees. Any skater who forfeits their test fees must resubmit a test application and new payment to be re-scheduled for a future session. 

  • No refunds for contingent tests not taken (tests that require passing one test before eligible to take another test) that are scheduled on the same test session. 

  • Online registration is preferred and is available HERE. Application by mail is available using the form available on the Peninsula Skating Club website. No testing requests will be accepted via email. No spaces will be held on a test session without an application and payment. 

For more information regarding testing in San Jose, please contact the Test Chair:


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