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More than 1,300 events, which include performances, exhibitions, and competitions, are sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating each year. 

The national qualifying series or nine regional competitions, followed by three sectional competitions, begin the pipeline of U.S. Figure Skating's qualifying competitions, which lead top athletes to U.S., World and Olympic levels. In the past eight years, approximately 20,000 figure skaters have competed at the regional level. For qualifying series information, click HERE.  


Non-qualifying competitions offer events with open entries with typically many age or test level divisions, sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating. They provide an opportunity for any USFS member to participate in a competition. 


The Peninsula Figure Skating Club lies within the Central Pacific Region and the Pacific Coast Section. We offer three USFS sanctioned events every year that offer both qualifying and non-qualifying events. They feature World, International and National Officials and consist of Basic Skating, Adult, Pre-preliminary through Senior-level Singles, Pairs and Dance Events. IJS is used for Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior, Adult Silver, Gold, & Adult Masters technical events.

2024-2025 National Qualifying Series
2024-2025 National Qualifying Series

Registration for the series opens July 2, 2024. Club and USFS membership expires June 30 so make sure to renew early.

Winter Skate 

Winter Skate is an adult critique session.

National Showcase
National Showcase

Aug 5-10, 2024

The announcement is coming soon - please be patient!

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