Club sessions are offered to provide ice time for club members only at a reduced rate. To skate these sessions, the skater must have passed the pre-preliminary freestyle test.


Club ice begins the first Thursday in September and runs through the last Thursday in May, excluding holidays. It runs from 5:15pm to 6:15pm. These sessions are occasionally used for test sessions so please check the Sharks Ice calendar for ice availability.

Free Skate Etiquette and Safety Rules for Skaters and Parents 

Excerpted from The Skating Parents' Survival Guide Vol 3


Basic rules governing all behavior
  • Please respect the rights of others, the arena, and the property of others.

  • It is important for everyone's safety that all skaters stay aware of other skaters on the ice. Try to anticipate their patterns as you decide your own pattern.

  • If you are a less experienced skater, please be extra careful to stay aware of other skaters and to look ahead of where you are skating to see what others are doing or are about to do.

  • If you are an experienced skater, please be patient with the less experienced skaters. Remember- you were new to freestyles at one time, too.


Who has the Right of Way? 

There are two circumstances that give you the right of way: if you are in a lesson or if you are running your program. However, always apply the basic rules governing behavior.

Specific rules governing freestyle sessions
  • Sign in and pay for each session before stepping on to the ice.

  • No breakable containers are allowed rinkside. Drinks are allowed on or below the railing. Food is not permitted near the rail or on the ice.

  • Please pick up all belongings (including tissues, water bottles, etc) at the end of the session.

  • Parents, skaters not in the session or other spectators should not loiter at the rail or benches. This is unsafe and it interferes with a constructive training session.

  • Coaching by parents from the bleachers, benches or railing is not allowed at any time.

  • The benches by the ice are to be used by skaters and coaches only.

  • If skaters must talk to someone off the ice, even for a brief time, they need to get off the ice to do so.

  • Videotaping anyone other than your own skater is strictly prohibited.