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High School Team

Building upon the success of the Collegiate programs, the USFS created the high school program that allows skaters from multiple schools to represent a single team. To participate, skaters must be a member of U.S. Figure Skating and enrolled full-time in a high school. Home-schooled skaters are also eligible and there are no test requirements. For more information, go to Only/Skating Opportunities/High School.

2022-2023 Season ​

The Peninsula Skating Club created its own High School Team this year! Under the guidance of board member, Liz McGlauflin, our team really hit the ground running. We participated in the USFS Cyber Challenge Virtual Team Maneuvers in January and the Virtual Artistic Free Skate in March. During each event, our team members videoed their moves or program and submitted them. We also participated (and won!) the high school event at the Rising Stars competition sponsored by St Moritz. Each of the team’s placements received points and those points gave us our team scores and ranking.

When the final combined High School Virtual Challenge Team results were issued ... drum roll...  we were in 7th place overall out of 33 high school teams!  We tied for 6th in the Artistic event. WOW!  The top 3 teams (and especially the 1st place team) had many more team members (more members more points!) but, while we were small, we were mighty! Each of our team members skated great and we earned many high placements!  Every one of them earned points to our total score and we needed every point we earned!  


Our team members ranged from Preliminary to Junior levels. The range of levels really helped us gather those points! The members who participated in the events included:


  • Allison Kim 

  • Minseo Park

  • Anissa Li

  • Kaira Tan

  • Aarii Keswani

  • Natalie Yang 

  • Naomi Harkey 

  • Joanna Lee 


This was tremendous in our FIRST year and there is so much potential for High School Skating. The 2023-2024 registration starts in the September/October timeframe and if interested, in participating, contact Liz at We are also looking for parents to help manage the program. Liz did a great job last year but more than one person is needed to run a growing program!


We thank every one of our members and are looking forward to building upon our successes next year!

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