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Pacific Coast Sectional Results

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Congratulations to all of our Sectionals competitors!

Our High Performance Camp Qualifiers Are:

Blake Gilman and Cindy Chin.

Our Nationals Qualifiers Are:

Karen Chen, Carpenter & McNamara, Jeffrey Chen & Katarina Wolfkostin, and Vered Polonsky.


  • Lorraine McNamara bye/Senior Dance Final

  • Quinn Carpenter bye/Senior Dance Final

  • Angela Ling 6/Junior Dance Final

  • Jeffrey Chen 1/Junior Dance Final

  • Katarina Wolfkostin 1/Junior Dance Final

  • Yehor Yehorov 2/Junior Dance Final

  • Gabriela Hernandez 10/Novice Dance Final

  • Zoe Sensenbrenner 11/Novice Dance Final

  • Blake Gilman 3/Intermediate Dance Final

  • David Case 16/Intermediate Dance Final

  • Vered Polonsky 16/Intermediate Dance Final

  • Ethan Darnell 13/Juvenile Dance Final


  • Erica Machida 9/Senior Ladies Final

  • Karen Chen bye/Senior Ladies Final

  • Lily Sun 7/Senior Ladies Final

  • Polina Edmunds 5/Senior Ladies Final

  • Alain Sandraz 7/Junior Men Final

  • Ian Ramsey 5/Junior Men Final

  • Ariana Lee 15/Novice Ladies Final

  • Ava Stephens 6/Novice Ladies Final

  • Josephine Lee 11/Novice Ladies Final

  • Kate Qian 17/Novice Ladies Final

  • Olivia Lan 12/Novice Ladies Final

  • Sawaka Yanagi 16/Novice Ladies Final

  • Cindy Lin 3/Intermediate Ladies Final

  • Minseo Park 5/Intermediate Ladies Final

  • Naomi Harkey 15/Intermediate Ladies Final

  • Arsen Meghavoryan 5/Juvenile Boys Final

  • Ethan Yan 13/Juvenile Boys Final

  • Sherry Zhang 6/Juvenile Girls Final


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